Happy new year! From the Watch Me Rise team, we hope and know that you will have an amazing year. We know that most of you are in the mindset of new beginnings and probably have your new year’s resolutions ready to go.

Most people don’t maintain their new year’s resolutions, because the initial spark or energy fades as you get back to your normal routine after the holidays. So we wanted to give you some tips to help you be the better you, we know you can be.

1. Start Today

Use that newfound energy to start today not tomorrow. Don’t wait until you have everything planned out and perfect before you start.  

 2. Start with one change

Choose the priority of your habits and changes you want to make, then start with just one. After you can stick to that first one for a few days you can think of adding the next one. We know you want to jump in headfirst and change your whole routine for the better. And we are proud of you for wanting to, but the goal is to make a lasting change instead of overwhelming yourself in the beginning. prioritize your changes and make choose one to start

3. Start small and build up

Start small and build up. We are not saying don’t have big ambitious goals, but try to think of the smallest easiest way to start then progressively build towards those goals. Consistency is key here and the easier it is to stick to something now, the more likely you are to keep to it in the long run. It might feel a little anticlimactic doing these small things, but each small success will keep your energy momentum going.

4. Integrate, don’t disrupt

Integrate your new habit or change into your life instead of disrupting it. It is important that you think of how to integrate your new habit or change in your already established routine, as we tend to follow the path of least resistance, and if our new routine takes too much energy we tend to revert back to what we are used to. For example, going to work is already part of your routine, so instead of using mental energy and time going to the gym before work. You could get off the bus a stop earlier or park further from your office and walk the rest of the way. Or do some jumping jacks every time you wait for the kettle or microwave.

5. Change your enviorment

Change your environment. Your environment has a massive impact on your life and changing small things could help you achieve your goals. For example, you could have your running shoes or gym bag ready next to your bed. So that when you wake up it is less effort and takes less mental energy to go exercise. Triggers and reminders also fall under this idea. If you want to drink more water have a bottle on your desk ready, reminding you to drink more and making it more convenient to do so.

We hope this gives you more tools to stick to your new year’s resolutions. If you liked some of these tips please let us know. So that we can create more content like it or expand on it in more detail. Stay awesome everyone!

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