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Weekly Gratitude Journal Challenge

Our weekly gratitude journal is designed to help you start your gratitude journaling process quickly and easily. Just print and get going today!

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Gratitude Journal

The practice of gratitude is usually more important than simply deciding to be grateful. It must be actively cultivated to establish its place in our lives.
Your health and happiness can be greatly improved by performing simple acts of gratitude every day.
It only takes a few minutes a day and the effect can last for hours, transforming your mood into one that makes you feel great.
Here’s everything you need to know about keeping a gratitude journal:
A gratitude journal is a simple way to document the positives in your life. It also helps strengthen and prepare you for any rough patches that may come your way.
The process is simple. Daily, write down anything that makes you feel good. Anything you are grateful for right now. You can use anything to do this, a diary, journal, notebook or even a piece of paper.

Benefits of using a gratitude journal

Lower your stress levels

Feel calmer and helps you sleep

New outlook on what's important

Helps with self-awareness