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21 Day Fitness Challenge

A beginner’s training plan that incorporates all types of activities for those starting their fitness journey.

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21 Day Fitness Challenge

When it comes to working out, remember that everyone finds it challenging, no matter their fitness level.
It’s funny how motivation works.  You won’t always want to work out, even professionals have days when they don’t want to do it but with a schedule they have already decided that training is something that is required for that day and so they do it.  You can decide that for yourself too.
Knowing where to start is a challenge whether you’re a new exerciser or just trying to get back into exercise. The best workout schedule for you will depend on various factors like your age, fitness level, goals, and any physical restrictions you may have.
Having a properly planned training schedule will provide structure to your workouts and ensure you incorporate strategies that help you see the results you want. Workout plans also help you know exactly what to do so you aren’t left guessing.

Watch and learn

How to videos

We have created videos to show you how to do all of the exercises and stretches included in this challenge. 

Feel free to ask any questions in the comments on Youtube.

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Slow and steady wins the race

Don’t start by sweating every single day. Don’t start by pushing yourself so hard that you have nothing left for tomorrow.  As a beginner, your muscle soreness and fatigue is going to be rather high, so it’s important not to push yourself, listen to your body and take the time to rest and stretch when needed.
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Always prioritize recovery

Rest days are important for every level of fitness.  Rest days also don’t always mean do nothing.  Exercises like working on mobility, stretches and short slow walks are great for the body during rest or recovery days.
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Enjoy your workout

Find workouts you enjoy.  You are more likely to push yourself if you truly like the workout you are doing.  The type of exercise you do doesn’t matter, its more the habit of moving and working out consistently that’s really important.  So, find activities you enjoy to get your body moving and stick with it!  Its always easier to do the workout when you are excited and looking forward to it!
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Motivation is key

Keep yourself motivated.  Once you get into a groove of your workout schedule, it’s good to give yourself little rewards in order to stay motivated or get an accountability buddy or workout partner to help you stay on track!
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Go endorphins go

Through cardio such as running or spinning, you will improve your aerobic fitness.  Getting your heart rate up releases endorphins, which are known as the feel-good chemical.  Endorphins provide a sense of well-being that keeps you motivated, helps relieve stress and pain, and encourages you to exercise more.
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Failure to plan is planning to fail

Create your training plan and schedule it into your day!  Doing a blend of resistance or bodyweight training, cardiovascular exercise, active rest, and flexibility or mobility work ensures your body is getting everything that it needs!


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